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How To Turn On Celcus Tv Without Remote? (Answered!)




How To Turn On Celcus Tv Without Remote? (Answered!)

Have you ever gone to turn on your celcus tv only to find that you have misplaced the remote?

It can be quite frustrating trying to figure out how to make your favorite shows come on.

Fortunately, it is possible to turn on a celcus TV without the need for a remote!

In this article we will explore some easy and effective ways of turning on a celcus television without having access to its traditional remote control.

Whether you are looking for an alternative when your remote has disappeared or want to save money by not buying another one after losing yours, these tips will help you get back in front of the screen quickly and easily.

So if you’re ready to learn more about how to turn on your Celcus tv without relying solely on a remote, keep reading! With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite programming from the comfort of home – no pesky remotes required.

Identifying The Tv Model

Identifying the TV model is an important step when trying to turn on a CELCUS television without its remote control. There are several ways to do this, but first you need to find out what type of TV it is.

To determine the make and model, look for a manufacturer’s label or sticker located somewhere on the back, side, or bottom of the TV. If there isn’t one visible, check around any air vents.

How To Turn On Celcus Tv Without Remote

Another way to identify your CELCUS TV is by looking up its serial number online.

The serial number can usually be found along with other information such as date of manufacture and size written on a white label or printed directly onto the case near where the power cord goes into the set.

Once you’ve identified the exact model of your CELCUS TV, you’re ready to proceed with locating its power button.

Locating The Power Button

Now that you’ve identified the make and model of your CELCUS TV, it’s time to locate the power button.

Depending on the type of television you have, this button can be found in different areas.

Generally speaking, most CELCUS TVs will have a power button located either on the side or back panel.

It may also be hidden behind a flap or opening at the bottom of the frame.

If all else fails, try looking for a small red LED light near where the power cord connects; pressing this should turn your TV on.

Once you’ve located and pressed the power button, your CELCUS TV should come to life! The next step is to explore alternative methods of control so that you can enjoy its full range of features without having to rely on its remote control.

Alternative Methods Of Control

Now that you have access to the CELCUS TV without needing a remote, there are several alternative methods of control at your disposal.

One option is to use your smartphone as a makeshift replacement for the remote.

Many current models come with apps and features designed specifically for controlling TVs; if yours does not, check your phone’s app store or online marketplace for compatible remotes.

Another possibility is to purchase an infrared (IR) blaster device.

These devices plug into your phone via USB and allow it to send signals directly to your TV by mimicking those sent from a regular remote control.

With this setup in place, you’ll be able to enjoy all the same features as before—just sans physical remote!


In conclusion, turning on a CELCUS TV without a remote can be done in several ways.

The most important step is to identify the model of your television so you know what type of power button it has and how to access it.

Once this has been determined, you will then need to locate the power button which may vary depending on the model of your device.

If all else fails, there are alternative methods such as using a universal remote or even an app that can help control basic functions of your television.

With these tips in mind, you should now have no problem getting your CELCUS TV up and running again!

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