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How To Turn On Westinghouse Tv Without Remote? (Solved!)




How To Turn On Westinghouse Tv Without Remote? (Solved!)

Are you missing your Westinghouse TV remote and need to know how to turn it on? You’ve come to the right place! As a certified Westinghouse TV technician, I’m here to help.

So let’s get started!

If you do not have access to the remote for your Westinghouse TV, you can try turning on your television using the power button located on the side or back of the TV. Make sure all cables and connections are plugged into place.

Also consider installing a universal remote app on your phone or getting a physical universal remote.

Identifying The Type Of Westinghouse Tv

It’s like a puzzle, trying to figure out the type of Westinghouse TV you have.

The model identification number is your first clue – it’s like having a key that unlocks the door to finding out what kind of tv you have.

But sometimes, even with that information in hand, it can be difficult figuring out which type of Westinghouse TV you own.

That’s where I come in! With my years of experience and knowledge about the different types of models, I’m here to help guide you through this process and identify your Westinghouse TV model.

Regardless if your television was purchased new or pre-owned, there are certain traits each Westinghouse TV has that makes them uniquely identifiable – from its physical design down to its operating software.

All these characteristics will play an important role when identifying your particular model.

Be sure to look for any distinguishing features on the back panel such as labels or stickers with serial numbers or company logos; these details may vary depending on specific brand names within the Westinghouse family.

Once we’ve established the type of television you’re working with, we’ll move onto locating the manual power on/off button so you can turn on your tv without using a remote control…

Manual Power On/Off Button Location

Once you have identified the model of Westinghouse TV that you are using, it is time to locate the manual power on/off button.

This will allow you to turn your television on without having a remote control.

To do this, refer to the user’s manual for specific instructions or look at the side of the back of the tv.

Many Westinghouse TVs come with an easily identifiable power button located near where all other cables and wires connect.

If there is no clearly visible power button then consult your user’s manual as different models may require slightly different approaches.

In some cases, you might need to press two buttons simultaneously in order to activate the manual power option.

It can also help if you look closely around any of the ports connecting external devices such as HDMI cables or sound systems – these often have small switches which could be used to switch between modes.

Knowing how to manually power-on a Westinghouse TV without a remote control can save time and frustration when troubleshooting technical issues or simply wanting to use your tv without its accompanying controller!

With just a few steps, locating and activating this feature should not present too much difficulty; however, if further assistance is needed contact customer support for more information about your particular westinghouse tv model.

Now that we know how to manually turn on our Westinghouse TV let us move onto connecting an external device to control it.

Connecting An External Device To Control The Tv

It’s possible to control your Westinghouse TV without the remote.

All you need is an external device connected to your TV in order to take over the functions of a regular remote control.

Before we dive into how it works, remember that each model of Westinghouse TV requires different setup instructions for connecting and controlling with an external device.

Connecting up an external device is easy – all you have to do is plug one end into your TV and the other into your external device like a laptop or smartphone. Once both ends are connected, follow the on-screen prompts from your tv manufacturer until you’re ready to start using it as a controller.

You may also be asked to enter some information about yourself so that the connection can be properly established between the two devices.

Using this method, you will now be able to access any features available on your Westinghouse TV just by tapping buttons on your external device! This means no more hunting around for lost remotes or trying to program clunky universal remotes – everything can be done right at your fingertips.

With a few simple steps, you’re well on your way towards taking full control of your television viewing experience.

Now that you’ve got the basics down when it comes to connecting up an external device, let’s move onto troubleshooting tips if there are any issues while setting up…

Troubleshooting Tips

When it comes to troubleshooting your Westinghouse TV, you may feel like you’re in over your head. Don’t throw in the towel just yet! We’ve got some helpful tips that’ll have you back on track with no time.

First off, if there are power button issues or connectivity problems with your remote control, don’t fret – a replacement remote from Westinghouse can get you up and running again quickly.

If this doesn’t do the trick, then try one of our universal remotes for ultimate compatibility.

Finally, make sure to go through all the necessary troubleshooting techniques before resorting to any drastic measures.

It could be something as simple as resetting the TV’s settings or unplugging and plugging back in certain cables that gets everything functioning properly again.

With these quick fixes at hand, you’ll never miss an episode of your favorite show!


At Westinghouse, we understand how frustrating it can be to not have a remote and need to turn on your tv.

That’s why we want you to know that there are several ways for you to easily power up your TV without one.

First, identify the type of Westinghouse TV you own so you can locate its manual power button. Then, if needed connect an external device like a universal remote control or game console controller to control the tv.

Lastly, if all else fails refer to our troubleshooting tips which will help get your tv running in no time!

We’re here at Westinghouse to make sure you stay entertained with ease and efficiency. By following these steps, I’m confident that my customers can confidently power their TVs without having access to a remote.

So go ahead – enjoy those movies and shows in peace knowing that turning on your Westinghouse TV is just a few simple steps away!

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