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How To Get Peacock On Vizio Tv? (Full Guide!)




How To Get Peacock On Vizio Tv? (Full Guide!)

Are you looking to get peacock on your Vizio TV? You’ve come to the right place.

Getting access to this streaming service is easy, and with a few simple steps, you can be watching all of your favorite shows in no time. With Vizio TVs, we make it easy for our customers to find the content they want – whether that’s traditional broadcast television or streaming services like Peacock.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started so you can start enjoying what Peacock has to offer.

At Vizio, we understand that staying connected with friends and family is important – especially during these trying times. That’s why we strive to provide our customers with access to great entertainment options – including Peacock.

We know how much people love being able to watch their favorite shows at any given moment, so getting set up quickly is important – which is exactly what this guide will help you do.

So if you’re ready to take advantage of everything that Peacock has to offer, let’s dive into how you can get it on your Vizio TV! Following the instructions below will ensure that you have smooth sailing when setting up your account and accessing your favorite content from Peacock in no time.

Overview Of Peacock Tv

Peacock TV is a streaming service that allows you to access content from the NBCUniversal library of movies and shows.

It’s available on most major streaming platforms, including Vizio Smart TVs. This overview will help you understand how to get started with Peacock and explore its features.

With Peacock, you can watch live news, sports and entertainment programming right on your Vizio Smart TV. You’ll also find exclusive original series like The Office, Parks & Recreation, Saved By The Bell, as well as classic films like Jurassic Park and Back To The Future.

Plus, new episodes are added all the time so there’s always something fresh for you to enjoy!

In addition to watching great content, you can use Peacock to create personalized profiles for up to five family members or friends who have their own viewing preferences. That way everyone in your household has an enjoyable experience when they turn on their Vizio Smart TV.

Now let’s look at which devices are compatible with Peacock…

Compatible Devices

It’s no secret that smart TVs are quickly becoming the way to go when it comes to getting a great viewing experience.

But if you’re looking for an even more convenient way of accessing your favorite streaming content, there is now another option: using Vizio TV with peacock.

So which devices are compatible with this feature? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Samsung Smart TVs (including newer models)
  • **Streaming Devices**

* Roku Streaming Stick/Roku Box
* Apple TV 4th Generation or later

With so many options available, finding an appropriate device for your needs should be easy – but what about actually getting Peacock on Vizio TV?

Let’s take a look at the next step in our guide and find out how.

Finding The App On Vizio Tv

Finding the Peacock app on your Vizio TV is easy. All you have to do is open up your SmartCast Home screen, then select “Apps” from the menu.

You should see a list of all available apps on your set; simply scroll through until you find Peacock. Once located, click on it and follow the instructions to download and install!

You can also search for Peacock directly by typing in its name into the Search function at the top of your SmartCast home page. This will bring up an icon that will give you access to downloading and installation steps as well.

Once installed, you’ll be able to sign-up with your email address or log in with existing account information if you already have it. After this process is completed, you’re ready to start streaming content from Peacock! With so many great shows and movies available, there’s something for everyone – no matter what genre or interests they may have.

Now that we’ve gone over how to get started with finding and using the Peacock app on Vizio TVs, let’s move onto troubleshooting tips for getting things working smoothly.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having trouble getting your peacock app on your Vizio TV, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

With a few easy troubleshooting tips and tricks, you can get streaming in no time!

First off, make sure that your device is connected to wifi securely before attempting to install or stream anything.

This can be done by checking the network connection settings under ‘Network’ from the main menu of the Vizio TV.

If there are any issues connecting to the wifi, try resetting it again and ensure all passwords have been entered correctly.

Next, double check if your device meets all the requirements for running PeacockTV smoothly.

Ensure that you have enough available storage space for installation as well as enough RAM for streaming quality videos without lag.

Additionally, cross-check with system requirements listed on their website to confirm compatibility with your device model.

Finally, after downloading the application successfully onto your Vizio TV, restarting it may help resolve any minor bugs or glitches that could affect its performance.

You may also want to consider updating drivers and firmware which often resolves connectivity problems related to applications like PeacockTV.

Remember though – always back up important files beforehand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Monthly Subscription Fee For Peacock Tv?

When it comes to watching Peacock TV on a Vizio device, one of the major questions is whether there are any subscription fees involved.

To answer this question, we must look at both the cost structure and the available plans for using Peacock TV on your Vizio TV.

The good news is that you can access Peacock content without paying anything upfront; however, some users may wish to upgrade their experience with a paid plan.

The two options available are the free version or going with an ad-free premium tier.

With either choice, no monthly subscription fee has to be paid in order to use Peacock TV on your Vizio device.

To take advantage of all the features offered by Peacock TV, such as live sports coverage and original programming, upgrading to the premium tier could be beneficial.

It’s worth noting that while all other features remain free, those who opt for the upgraded plan will have access to additional content not found in the basic package.

This includes early access to new episodes and movies before they’re released elsewhere.

Additionally, customers also get unlimited downloads across multiple devices as well as up to three simultaneous streams per account.

Considering these extra benefits and no added peacock tv fee for subscribing each month makes choosing a premium plan an attractive option for many viewers looking for more from their viewing experience on their Vizio TVs.

For those who don’t need these extra perks or simply want something straightforward and budget-friendly when streaming Peacock content on their Vizios, then sticking with the basic package is a great way to go – offering them plenty of entertainment without breaking the bank!

What Type Of Content Is Available On Peacock Tv?

Peacock TV offers a treasure trove of content for viewers to explore. From free movies, streaming sports and kids shows, to tv series and live news – there is something for everyone! Figuratively speaking, it’s like opening up a chest of goodies that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

For movie buffs, Peacock TV has an impressive library of films spanning different genres including action-adventure, horror, comedy and drama.

With titles from the biggest studios in Hollywood such as Universal Pictures and NBCUniversal International Studios – you can be sure to find something that suits your taste.

Additionally, new releases are regularly added so you’ll never run out of options.

Sports fans have plenty to look forward to as well with exclusive access to Premier League matches plus other international sporting events coverage streamed live. Plus, they can watch classic games on demand too! Kids can also enjoy their own dedicated section featuring popular cartoons and educational programming – perfect for when parents need some time away or when the little ones are looking for something fun to do at home.

In addition to all this great content, Vizio customers who subscribe get even more privileges like early access to certain shows before anyone else does. So start exploring today with Peacock TV on Vizio – it’s one experience you won’t want to miss!

Is Peacock Tv Available On Other Smart Tvs?

Are you wondering if Peacock TV is available on other smart TVs? You’re in luck because the answer is yes! Peacock TV can be watched on a variety of streaming platforms, including Roku devices, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Whether you have Vizio or another brand of Smart TV, it’s easy to get started with Peacock.

All you need to do is download the app from your device’s app store.

Once the installation process is complete, simply sign-in to start enjoying some great content.

As a technical writer for Vizio TVs, I’m excited that we now have access to this amazing platform. It brings us one step closer to having all our favorite shows at our fingertips.

With so many options and exclusive titles available, there’s something for everyone – no matter what genre you prefer. We can now connect with each other through shared love of entertainment which furthers our sense of belonging and connection.

Is There A Way To Record Shows On Peacock Tv?

It’s frustrating when you can’t watch shows in real-time, and recording them is the only way to stay up-to-date.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to record shows on Peacock TV, the answer is yes! With a few simple steps, users of Vizio TVs can easily record their favorite programs from their television sets.

If you have an issue with finding compatible devices for recording Peacock TV shows, don’t worry – there are plenty available. Whether you have an Apple device or something more traditional like a DVR recorder, almost any device that supports streaming services will be able to record your favorite Peacock TV shows.

Additionally, since Vizio TVs are already equipped with smart features like voice command functionality, they make it easy to access and control all of your recordings directly from your remote control.

For those who want to start recording right away, here’s what you need to do: first, launch the Peacock app on your Vizio TV. Then select the show or movie you’d like to record and press the ‘Record’ button located at the bottom of your screen.

Once done, just sit back and enjoy watching your recorded content whenever you please! Recording has never been easier; no matter where life takes you or how busy things get – now you can always find time for entertainment.

So don’t miss out on your favorite shows anymore. With these simple steps for recording Peacock TV shows on a Vizio TV, it’s easy to stay up-to-date without missing out! Enjoy the convenience of having access to all your favorite content whenever and wherever life takes you!

Is There A Way To Cast Peacock Tv From A Mobile Device To The Vizio Tv?

Casting content from your mobile device to a Vizio TV is an easy way to wirelessly stream and watch the latest shows. With Peacock streaming services, viewers can now cast their favorite movies and series directly onto their Vizio display.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use your mobile device to cast Peacock TV on your Vizio television.

Casting Peacock TV is simple with a few steps.

First, make sure that both your mobile device and Vizio TV are connected to the same wireless network.

Then open the app on your phone or tablet and select the show or movie you would like to view.

Once selected, tap the “cast” icon located at the top of your screen next to the title of whatever you have chosen.

You should then see a list of devices available for casting; select your Vizio TV from there and enjoy watching it!

The process may be slightly different depending on what type of device you’re using – Android or iOS – but either way it’s still fairly straightforward.

Additionally, once connected, you’ll be able to control playback (play/pause/fast-forward) right from your phone which makes it even simpler than ever before! So whether you want to catch up on current episodes or relive old favorites, casting Peacock TV on your Vizio display allows users to do just that with ease.

With these quick steps in mind, viewers can easily access all their favorite streaming content without having to worry about any cables – making streaming more convenient than ever before! Now sit back and enjoy all that Peacock has to offer from the comfort of home with crystal clear picture quality enabled by connecting through a Vizio television set.


It’s easy to get Peacock TV on your Vizio smart TV. With the right tools, you can access all the content available on Peacock and record shows for later viewing.

Plus, if you have a mobile device that supports casting, it’s even easier to watch Peacock directly from your smartphone or tablet.

No need to worry about any extra fees – there are no monthly subscription charges required to take advantage of everything that Peacock has to offer. So don’t hesitate – make sure you’re taking full advantage of this great streaming service today!

At Vizio, we understand how important convenience is when it comes to entertainment. That’s why we’ve made sure our TVs provide an effortless connection with Peacock so you can start watching instantly without having to go through any extra hoops.

Enjoying the latest movies and shows has never been simpler!

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