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Who Makes Vizio Smart TVs?




Who Makes Vizio Smart TVs?

When it comes to smart TVs, VIZIO is a top-of-the-line brand that can bring the latest technology into your home. With its intuitive features and sleek design, owning a VIZIO Smart TV will make you feel like part of an exclusive club – one with access to the very best in modern entertainment.

As an expert on this cutting-edge technology, I’m here to tell you all about who makes VIZIO Smart TVs and why they’re worth considering for your own living room.

At first glance, VIZIO’s impressive line of premium televisions may look intimidatingly complex; however, beneath their stylish external appearance lies an easy-to-use operating system powered by Android TV 9 Pie. This means that anyone can take advantage of their vast selection of streaming services without needing any prior experience or knowledge.

Whether you want to catch up on last night’s episode of Game Of Thrones or binge watch the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy, there’s something for everyone!

But what sets these particular models apart from competitors?

Well, besides being made by some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Sharp Electronics Corporation and AmTRAN Technology Co., Ltd., they also come equipped with integrated Google Assistant so you can use voice commands to control your device hands free.

What more could you ask for?

So if you’re looking for a reliable and feature rich television set, then look no further than VIZIO Smart TVs—it’ll be an investment well worth making!

Overview Of Vizio Smart Tvs

Vizio’s smart TVs are an excellent choice when wanting to enjoy the latest in TV technology. These TVs come with a variety of features that make viewing more enjoyable and interactive than ever before.

With Vizio, you get all the benefits of a modern-day smart TV plus access to streaming services, apps, games and so much more!

The main difference between regular TVs and Vizio’s Smart TVs is the integration of internet connectivity into their hardware. This allows users to access more content than they would have been able to on traditional sets.

Additionally, these devices come with various additional features like voice commands and gesture control for even further convenience.

In addition to providing top notch TV technology, Vizio also offers great customer service support if any problems arise.

All this makes them a great option for those looking for a high quality entertainment experience at home.

From cutting edge video quality to endless possibilities for customization and interactivity – there’s something here for everyone who wants it!

Features And Specifications

Savvy consumers understand the value of investing in a Vizio Smart TV for its impeccable picture quality, streaming options and 4K resolution. With wifi connectivity available at their fingertips, these televisions are equipped with voice control capabilities to make navigating your entertainment library more efficient.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and specifications that set Vizio Smart TVs apart from the competition:

  • 4K Resolution – Enjoy greater image clarity than ever before with stunning Ultra HD resolution on select models.
  • Wifi Connectivity – Stream your favorite shows or movies without cumbersome cords or cables, allowing you to access all your content quickly and easily.
  • Picture Quality – Experience vivid colors, deep blacks and plenty of detail thanks to advanced technologies such as HDR10+, Dolby Vision™ IQ and Quantum Color™.
  • Streaming Options – Get access to hundreds of free channels including Netflix®, Disney+™, Apple TV® and more right out of the box.

The combination of high-quality components that come together to produce an immersive viewing experience is unmatched by other brands in its class.

And with so many innovative features just waiting to be explored, it’s no wonder why people are increasingly opting for Vizio Smart TVs as their go-to choice for home theater systems!

Advantages Of Owning A Vizio Smart Tv

Vizio Smart TVs are the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their television experience. With a wide range of benefits and features, Vizio Smart TVs offer something for everyone.

From streaming capabilities to voice control, you can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with these innovative models.

One major advantage of owning a Vizio Smart TV is its outstanding picture quality.

Whether it be 1080P or 4K Ultra HD resolution, you’ll get clear visuals with every broadcast.

Additionally, many models support various HDR formats that give your content more depth and contrast than ever before.

So whether you’re watching movies or playing video games, you’ll always have optimal image clarity on your Vizio Smart TV.

Another great benefit of owning one of these televisions is its energy efficiency rating; most models use up to 50% less power than traditional LCDs in standard mode.

Additionally, voice control functionality allows users to navigate menus quickly without having to fumble around with remote controls.

You can also access popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu directly from your smart TV so there’s no need to connect additional devices.

So if you’re looking for superior picture quality combined with modern convenience, look no further than a Vizio Smart TV – it has everything you need for convenient entertainment at home! With all these advantages provided by this revolutionary technology, it’s easy to see why people love them so much.

Where To Buy Vizio Smart Tvs

Now that you have the advantages of owning a Vizio Smart TV, it’s time to find one for yourself.

Here are some options for where you can purchase your own:

1.Local Retailers – If you prefer shopping in-person for electronics and appliances, many local retailers carry Vizio Smart TVs with varying sizes and specifications.

They also often offer services such as delivery and installation.

2. Online Stores – Shopping online offers convenience and flexibility when purchasing a new television set.

Many major ecommerce sites stock Vizio Smart TVs at discounted prices compared to brick-and-mortar stores.

Customers may also be eligible to receive free shipping or other special promotions on their purchases.

3. Discount Prices – There are plenty of ways to save money while buying a smart tv from Vizio, including sales events like Black Friday, discounts offered by select retail outlets, trade-in programs, manufacturer rebates, and more!

No matter how you choose to buy your Vizio Smart TV, rest assured knowing you will get an excellent product backed by warranty coverage and customer support services that make sure your investment is well taken care of over the years ahead.


In conclusion, Vizio smart TVs are a great choice for any television viewer.

They provide exceptional features and specifications that make them stand out from the competition.

The advantages of owning a Vizio Smart TV include access to streaming services, improved picture quality, and advanced settings.

Plus, they’re incredibly affordable!

For those looking to purchase their own Vizio Smart TV, there is no better place than Walmart or BestBuy. Both retailers offer unbeatable prices on Vizio products with free shipping options available as well.

I’ve personally shopped at both stores in the past and have never been disappointed by their selection or service.

Overall, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Vizio when shopping for a new smart TV.

With top-notch features, specs, and pricing – you simply can’t beat what this brand has to offer! If you’re in the market for an upgrade, step up your viewing experience with a Vizio Smart TV today!

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