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How To Turn Tcl Tv On Without Remote? (Here Is How!)




How To Turn Tcl Tv On Without Remote? (Here Is How!)

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to find your TCL TV remote? You know you’ve looked everywhere, but it just seems to have vanished.

Fortunately, it is still possible to turn on your TCL TV without a remote. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions that will guide you through turning on your TCL TV without a remote.

The thought of having to manually power on a television without the use of a remote can seem daunting and confusing. However, with the right guidance, it is surprisingly easy.

Whether you have lost or misplaced your remote control, or simply need an alternative way to turn on your TCL TV, this article has got you covered.

We understand how inconvenient it can be when there is no remote in sight and the TV needs to be turned on immediately. That’s why we want to show you how incredibly simple it is to power up your TCL TV even if you don’t have a remote handy.

Let’s get started!

Power Button Location

If you’ve lost your remote and need to turn on your TCL TV, the first thing to do is locate the power button. This should be a small button, usually located either at the back of the TV near the AV ports or on the side of the TV in an indentation or cut away from the frame.

Depending on your model, it may be a tiny hole that you have to press with a paperclip or similar object.

Once you’ve found it, press and hold for a few seconds until you hear a click indicating that it has been turned on. If you don’t hear anything, keep pressing until you do, then release.

Now that your TCL TV is powered up, let’s look at some alternate control methods.

Alternate Control Methods

One of the most common methods for controlling your TCL TV without a remote is to use your smartphone or tablet. Most modern TVs are equipped with an infrared (IR) blaster, allowing you to use an app such as Peel Smart Remote or Universal Remote Control Free to control your TV.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download and install the app on your device.

2. Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions in the app to sync it with your TV.

4. Once it’s connected, you can use the app to control all aspects of your TCL TV, from turning it on and off to changing channels and adjusting volume levels.

Using a universal remote is another way to control your TCL TV without a remote, though this option does require some extra hardware purchases and setup time. You’ll need a compatible universal remote that supports IR technology, as well as a few AAA batteries if it’s not rechargeable.

After that, all you need to do is program the universal remote and you’re ready to go! From there, troubleshooting any issues that arise should be relatively straightforward.


If you’re having trouble controlling your TCL TV without a remote, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take. First, make sure your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

If it’s not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the device. Additionally, check that the app and TV are both up to date with their latest software versions.

If you’re using a universal remote, make sure that it’s compatible with IR technology and that it has been correctly programmed for your specific model of TCL TV. If the remote still isn’t working after these steps, try resetting it or replacing any dead batteries.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy all of the features of your TCL TV without needing a physical remote control!


In conclusion, it is possible to turn on a TCL TV without the use of a remote. The first step is to locate the power button, which can be found either on the back or side of the television.

If you are unable to find the power button, there are several alternate methods that can be used to turn on your TCL TV such as using a universal remote, controlling it through your phone, or by connecting an external device. If none of these methods work, then it is best to contact customer service for assistance.

With thorough research and patience, you can easily learn how to turn on your TCL TV without a remote and enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies.

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