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Fix Blinking Power Light On Sharp Tv? (Here Is How!)




Fix Blinking Power Light On Sharp Tv? (Answered!)

Are you having trouble with a blinking power light on your Sharp TV? If so, don’t worry! This article will walk you through the steps to get it fixed up in no time.

As a television repair technician, I understand how inconvenient and unsettling this can be. It’s my job to help make sure all of our customers have access to their favorite shows and movies without any hassles – it’s part of what makes us feel like we belong.

So if you’re ready, let’s dive right in and get that pesky blinking light taken care of.

When your Sharp TV won’t turn on or the power light is flashing, there are several things that could be causing the issue.

The most common culprits are faulty power cords or bad connections from cable boxes or streaming devices.

Before we go into more detail about how to troubleshoot and fix these problems, here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

First, we’ll discuss what causes the flickering power light and why it’s important to address this issue quickly. Next, we’ll provide detailed instructions for resetting both external components (such as cables) and internal settings (like factory resets).

Finally, we’ll review some preventive measures that can help avoid future issues with your Sharp TV. With all this information at hand, you should easily be able to pinpoint and resolve any underlying issues with your television set-up so you can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment once again!

Overview Of The Problem

Got a Sharp TV with a power light that’s blinking? You’re not alone.

It’s one of the most common issues we see in our shop. Not only are these TVs great value, but they also have some unique features that make them stand out from other models on the market.

But when you’ve got an issue like this one, it can be really frustrating and hard to figure out what to do next. In this article, I’m gonna show you how to troubleshoot your Sharp TV and get to the bottom of that pesky power light issue.

Let’s dive right in!

Troubleshooting Steps

Hey there, it’s time to start troubleshooting! We’ll go through a few key steps and you should be able to get your Sharp TV back up and running in no time.

First off, let’s check the power supply connection.

Make sure all of your cables are properly connected and that nothing has come loose over time.

You may also want to check if the on/off switch is working correctly.

If either of these appear faulty, you’ll need to replace them before proceeding.

Next, inspect the power cord for any signs of physical damage or fraying wires – these can cause an interruption in the electrical flow.

This could explain why your light is blinking erratically.

Finally, try resetting your TV settings from the main menu.

While this won’t necessarily fix the issue at hand, it will help narrow down what might be causing the problem.

Now we’re ready to unplug everything and see if that helps resolve our issue.

Unplugging The Tv

Now that you know what’s causing the blinking power light on your Sharp TV, it’s time to unplug it and start with the repair. Unplugging a TV may seem like an easy task, but there are still some things to keep in mind:

Disconnect all cables from both sides of the TV, including any audio or video connections. 2.

Remove the electric cord from the wall outlet or surge protector. 3.

Carefully inspect your cords for signs of damage such as fraying or cuts along their length. 4.

Make sure there is no pressure being placed on the cord by furniture or other objects near it. Once these steps have been completed, you can move onto checking the power supply of your TV.

Checking The Power Supply

Now that we’ve identified our issue with a blinking power light on the Sharp TV, let’s dive into the next step of troubleshooting: checking the power supply. To do this, you’ll need to unplug your TV from any wall outlets and examine its power cords for damage or fraying insulation.

If everything looks good there, then it’s time to check the Sharp TV itself.

The first thing I’d advise is taking off the back panel of the TV set and inspecting all connections within.

Make sure they’re secure and not loose.

This should include wires connected to the main board, as well as any additional boards if present in your model of Sharp TV.

Once you’re done looking around inside, reconnect everything securely and put back on the back panel.

After that, plug your television back in again and cross your fingers! Hopefully now when you turn it on, that dreaded blinking power light won’t be an issue anymore.

If it persists after doing all these steps, however, then some further adjustments may be necessary…

Adjusting Settings On Tv

Adjusting settings on your TV can often fix a blinking power light. To start, take a look at the television’s menu and make sure all of its settings are correct.

If they’re not, it may be causing the issue.

To adjust your TV’s settings, go to the main menu and navigate to the “Settings” tab or icon. From there you’ll find options like picture mode, brightness levels, contrast ratios, and other adjustments that should help resolve any issues with the power light.

If adjusting these settings doesn’t work, then it could be an issue with the hardware itself which would require professional repair services.

Don’t worry though – we’ve got experienced technicians ready to assist you every step of the way if needed! Moving forward let’s explore how contacting customer service might help…

Contacting Customer Service

If your Sharp TV’s power light is blinking, it’s time to contact customer service.

Customer support can help you diagnose the problem and get back up and running quickly.

They may even be able to provide parts or a repair at no cost if your product is still under warranty.

Customer assistance will likely walk you through some troubleshooting steps first in order to identify what could be causing the issue.

If they determine that a part needs to be replaced, they can guide you through obtaining and installing the replacement part yourself.

Or, if necessary, arrange for a technician visit to complete a service repair.

Keep in mind that if your Sharp TV is out of warranty, there may still be options available from customer service such as payment plans for repairs or discounted prices on parts or services.

Whatever the case may be, reaching out to them is always worth doing before attempting any DIY fixes without professional guidance.


To conclude, resolving the issue of a blinking power light on a Sharp TV can be done with some troubleshooting steps. I recommend that you unplug your TV and check its power supply first.

If this doesn’t work, then you can try adjusting some settings on your TV to see if it clears up the problem. Lastly, if these solutions don’t fix the issue, then contact customer service for further assistance.

In most cases, fixing the blinking power light is straightforward and easy to do yourself! However, if any of these methods don’t help resolve the issue or you’re still having trouble after trying them all out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or another professional for additional advice.

Overall, dealing with a blinking power light doesn’t have to be a difficult process – just remember to follow these instructions carefully and double-check everything before making any changes. With my tips in mind, hopefully you’ll have no trouble getting your Sharp TV back up and running like normal again soon enough!

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