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Who Makes Insignia TVs? (Who Owns and Produces Them?)




Who Makes Insignia TVs? (Who Owns and Produces Them?)

Insignia is a brand owned by Best Buy Co, Inc. that sells consumer electronics such as TVs, refrigerators, gaming devices, cameras, and tablets. Insignia TVs are manufactured by Asian corporation Hisense and come with the Amazon Fire Smart TV operating system. These TVs are known for their budget-friendly prices, making them a great option for those looking for an affordable yet high-quality television.

Who Owns Insignia?

Insignia is a brand owned and operated by retail giant Best Buy Co, Inc. Best Buy has been the exclusive seller of Insignia products for many years, and is the only place you can go to purchase an Insignia TV or other device.

Best Buy outsources the parts from various contract manufacturers, ensuring that each and every product meets its high standards of quality. In this way, Best Buy is able to offer customers a wide selection of TVs and other devices that are reliable and affordable, all backed by the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Who Manufactures Insignia TVs?

Insignia TVs are owned by Best Buy, but are manufactured by various contract companies. In the past, this has included LG, Toshiba, and other major brands. Currently, the primary manufacturer of Insignia televisions is Asian Corporation Hisense. 

Hisense is a Chinese company responsible for a wide range of home appliances and electronics. Insignia televisions is one of the major brands of television manufactured by Chinese manufacturers and made in China. 

The insignia brand of televisions having Amazon fire smart TV operating system are also manufactured by Hisense.

What Operating System do Insignia TVs Use?

Most Insignia televisions use the Amazon Fire Smart TV operating system, developed and maintained by Amazon. This operating system is designed to make accessing content on your television easier than ever, with a large selection of applications for streaming video, playing games, and more. 

The Insignia brand is owned by Best Buy, but the televisions themselves are manufactured by the Chinese company Hisense. 

Previously, Insignia televisions were made with the Roku TV OS, but most newer models use Fire OS as the primary operating system. With Fire OS, users can access a wide array of content and applications at their fingertips.

What Companies Have Made Insignia TVs in the Past?

In the past, Insignia TVs have been made by Sharp, a Japanese company, and Samsung, a Korean company. However, today Insignia TVs are manufactured by Hisense, a Chinese company that makes a variety of home appliances and consumer products. 

Best Buy Co., Inc. owns the Insignia brand and is responsible for its design, branding and sale. Although Best Buy outsources the parts from different companies, it is the ultimate owner of this in-house brand.


In conclusion, Insignia TVs are a mid-range product manufactured by Sharp, a Japanese company. Best Buy owns the brand in the United States and offers a wide selection of low-cost TVs in various configurations. Insignia TVs range from high-standard Fire TV to the low quality smaller ones. 

In the past, Insignia has been manufactured by companies like TCL and Hisense, although Hisense is no longer making Insignia TVs. Regardless of which operating system you prefer – Amazon’s Fire TV or Roku – there’s an Insignia TV for you.

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