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How To Turn Up Volume On Vizio Tv Without Remote? (Quick Guide!)




How To Turn Up Volume On Vizio Tv Without Remote? (Quick Guide!)

Have you ever wanted to turn up the volume on your Vizio TV, but realized that you didn’t have a remote? Don’t worry – it is possible to adjust the audio settings without one.

In this article, we will show you how to turn up the volume on your Vizio TV if you don’t have access to the standard remote control. You’ll be able to crank up the sound in no time!

You might think that adjusting the audio settings of your Vizio TV requires advanced technical know-how and hours of tinkering with wires.

But actually, all it takes is just a few steps and you can easily increase or decrease the volume depending on what best suits your viewing needs.

We’ll guide you through each step so that any user can complete this task with confidence.

By following our instructions, not only will you learn how to raise or lower the volume on your Vizio TV without a remote – but also gain a sense of belonging by being part of an exclusive group who possess such knowledge! So let’s get started and see how easy it is for anyone to turn up their Vizio TVs’ volumes without needing a remote control.

Alternative Ways To Increase The Volume

Alternative ways to increase the volume on a Vizio TV without a remote include using volume knobs, sound settings, and volume buttons. Volume knobs can be found either on the back or side of the television set depending on its model.

Sound settings can usually be accessed by pressing ‘Menu’ along with certain other combinations of keys depending on the type of device being used. Audio levels and audio controls are also accessible in this manner.

The last option is to use any available physical buttons located on the unit itself—usually labeled ‘Volume Up/Down’. These allow for adjusting audio levels directly from the TV without having to access menus or any other complicated settings.

With all these options at one’s disposal, increasing volume is an easy task that doesn’t require a universal remote.

Using A Universal Remote

According to a survey, over 50% of people watch their TV without using the original remote.

Fortunately, there is an alternative way to increase the volume of your Vizio TV—using a universal remote.

Here are three ways you can use a universal remote to adjust the volume on your Vizio TV:

  • Program the Remote: You can program most remotes with the code that corresponds to your particular model and brand of television.

This will allow you to control all aspects of your television from one device.

  • Adjust Volume Control: Once programmed, locate and press the ‘Volume Up’ or ‘Volume Down’ button on the remote and keep pressing until the desired level is reached.
  • Use Auto Search Feature: If programming isn’t successful, some universal remotes have an auto search feature which searches for codes specific to your Vizio TV’s make and model number.

Using a universal remote provides more convenience than manually adjusting the volume through buttons located on the side or back of your tv set. In addition, it allows users to easily access additional features such as changing channels or turning off/on power without having to switch devices or find misplaced remotes.

The next section covers how you can adjust the volume directly from your tv menu without needing any extra equipment.

Adjusting The Volume From The Tv Menu

Adjusting the volume of your TV without a remote is possible if you know where to look.

You can access and adjust sound levels, audio output, and other settings from within your TV’s menu.

Begin by turning on your Vizio television and pressing the “Menu” button using either the buttons located directly on the TV or those found on an attached external device such as a game console.

Once in the main menu screen, locate the ‘Settings’ option at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

This will open up all available options for adjusting sound levels and more.

From here you can navigate through several menus until you find “Speaker Settings” or “Sound Output”.

When inside this specific submenu, select whichever setting best suits your needs (e.g., Internal Speakers).

It is then that you’ll be able to use arrow keys to adjust your speaker’s volume level accordingly – with no remote in sight! After making any desired adjustments simply press OK when finished, save changes, and proceed back to watching whatever content it was that brought you there in the first place.

With just a few simple steps taken care of, it’s now time to consider connecting an external audio device which may provide even greater control over one’s listening experience.

Connecting An External Audio Device

If you’re looking for an alternative way to turn up the volume on your Vizio TV without a remote, one option is to connect an external audio device. This can be done by connecting the external audio from either the headphone jack or audio out ports of your television.

After attaching the appropriate cable between your television and external audio device, make sure both devices are powered on and then adjust the volume control on the external device accordingly.

When connecting an external audio device to your Vizio TV, it’s important to ensure that all connections are secure before powering each component on. If any cables become loose during operation, this could cause a disruption in sound output.

Additionally, certain types of connection require special adapters depending on what type of port is available in your television set. Make sure you have the right adapter prior to making any connections so as not to damage either component.

No matter how loud you want your Vizio TV volume to go, with an external audio connection you always have options if there’s no remote around.

With just a few simple steps and some patience while hooking things up correctly, you’ll soon be enjoying whatever content you choose at whatever volume you desire.


The conclusion is clear: there are several alternatives for increasing the volume on a Vizio TV without a remote. Whether using a universal remote, adjusting from the TV menu, or connecting an external audio device – all of these options can be used to increase the sound level.

I hope this article has been helpful in providing you with some guidance and knowledge about various methods that can be employed when one does not have access to their television’s remote control. It is my hope that by arming yourself with this information, you will feel more secure in your ability to make adjustments to the volume of your Vizio TV even if you don’t have its remote handy.

Now go ahead and enjoy your favorite shows at a comfortable decibel!

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