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How To Get Peacock On Verizon Tv? (Do This First!)




How To Get Peacock On Verizon Tv? (Do This First!)

Are you looking for a way to watch your favorite shows and movies on Verizon TV? Do you want access to the best streaming content, like Peacock?

If so, then this article is perfect for you! We’ll show you how to get Peacock on your Verizon TV in three easy steps.

Gone are the days of being stuck with limited options when it comes to watching television. With streaming services becoming more popular than traditional cable packages, viewers now have unprecedented access to some of the most popular titles out there.

This includes NBCUniversal’s Peacock service, which offers thousands of hours of premium entertainment at no additional cost.

If you’re an avid fan of online video streaming platforms, we can help make sure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible by guiding you through setting up Peacock on your Verizon TV.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to get started – it’s quick and easy!

Overview Of The Service

Verizon TV offers a variety of ways to watch your favorite shows, movies, and sports. With their streaming service, you can access hundreds of channels directly from the comfort of your own home.

Plus, with Verizon’s on-demand options, it’s easy to get movies and shows whenever you want them. And now there’s another way to enjoy all that entertainment – Peacock.

Peacock is an exclusive streaming service only available through Verizon TV.

Here, viewers can explore thousands of hours of premium content like hit NBCUniversal films and series, live news coverage, and popular kids programming.

It also includes classic favorites such as Parks & Recreation and The Office plus original new shows like Brave New World and Intelligence.

Subscribers have the choice between two tiers: Peacock Free or Peacock Premium for $4.99/month or included with select plans at no additional cost.

All in all, getting started with Peacock on Verizon TV has never been easier – just download the app from your device store (e.g., Apple App Store), sign into your account details, then start watching!

Compatible Devices

Ready to start streaming with Peacock?

First, make sure your device is compatible.

Currently supported devices include Apple TV 4K and HD (4th generation or later), Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast with Google TV, Roku players and TVs, Amazon Fire TV sticks & Cube (2nd gen.

or higher), Android phones & tablets, Xbox One consoles, and select Samsung Smart TVs.

Once you’ve double-checked that your device meets the requirements for compatibility, downloading the app is simple! All you have to do is search “Peacock” in the App Store of your device.

Then follow any onscreen prompts to complete installation.

You can even add it as a channel if you are using certain providers like Xfinity Flexor X1.

After signing into your account details – voilà! –you’ll be ready to stream all sorts of great content from Peacock on Verizon TV.

Downloading And Subscribing To Peacock

With Peacock downloaded and installed, it’s time to start streaming! Subscribing is easy – simply choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

The Premium plan offers thousands of hours of on-demand content with no ads for $4.99 per month, while the Premium Plus plan gives you access to all of the same content plus live sports and next day movies for $9.99 per month.

You can also opt in to an annual subscription at a discounted rate if you’d like.

Once subscribed, you’ll be able to watch exclusive originals such as Brave New World or reboots like Saved by the Bell.

There are tons of other great shows available too, so don’t forget to browse around! All these options make it easy (and affordable!) to find something new to watch on Verizon TV with Peacock.

Enjoying Content On Peacock

Now that you’re subscribed and ready to go, it’s time to start enjoying all the great content available on Peacock.

There are tons of movies and TV shows for everyone – from family-friendly comedies like 30 Rock to action-packed blockbusters like Jurassic Park.

You can also catch up on live sports or stream the latest news with networks such as NBC News Now.

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Just pick what you want to watch and hit play. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite show or movie.

It’s really that simple! With so much amazing content at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to find something new every day – so get streaming on Verizon TV today!


In conclusion, Peacock provides an incredible selection of entertainment options to Verizon TV subscribers.

You can download the app and subscribe on compatible devices such as smart TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices, and tablets.

With so many different forms of content available for viewing – from movies and shows to sports and news – you’ll have no shortage of things to watch with Peacock! Whether you’re looking for a classic movie or the latest episode of your favorite show, there’s something for everyone on the service.

So if you’re a Verizon TV subscriber looking to add some variety to your viewing experience, make sure you consider downloading Peacock today!

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