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How To Change Aspect Ratio On Proscan Tv




How To Change Aspect Ratio On Proscan Tv

Have you ever wanted to change the aspect ratio of your Proscan TV? Do you feel like it’s a daunting task that only an expert can pull off? Well, rest assured – it’s not as hard as it seems! With this helpful guide, anyone can easily learn how to adjust their aspect ratio with just a few simple steps.

We all want our TVs to look their best and give us the optimal viewing experience while we watch movies or play video games. Yet adjusting the aspect ratio on our own isn’t always easy. That’s why this guide is here: To make sure everyone has access to the knowledge they need in order to get the most out of their TV screen.

So if you’re ready for some tips and tricks on changing your ProScan TV’s aspect ratio, then keep reading – because soon you’ll be mastering what had once seemed impossible!

Understanding Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is an important factor in how we view images and videos. It determines the shape of the display on our screens, making it a key element to understand when it comes to setting up your TV. From 4:3 (the traditional aspect ratio) to 16:9 (widescreen), understanding these different video aspects will help you find the perfect balance between screen size and image quality for your home viewing experience.

No matter what kind of content you’re watching, having a good understanding of aspect ratios can be incredibly helpful in optimizing your viewing pleasure. With that knowledge, you can then adjust settings on Proscan TVs—or any other model—to get just the right look and feel for your movie nights or gaming sessions.
So let’s continue by looking at how to adjust those settings!

Adjusting Settings On Proscan Tv

Adjusting your aspect ratio on a Proscan TV is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is access the display settings menu and find the option for changing the aspect ratio. You can usually find this under “picture” or “video” in the main menu, but it can vary depending on the model of Proscan TV you own.

Once you’ve located that setting, simply choose your desired aspect ratio from the list and hit confirm. That’s all there is to it! Depending on which version of Proscan TV you own, some models may offer additional customization options like zoom or stretch so you can further tweak how images appear on screen. With these adjustments, you should be able to easily get your picture looking just right for whatever kind of content you’re viewing.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re still having trouble getting your Proscan TV to display content at the aspect ratio you want, then it’s time to troubleshoot. First, double-check all of the settings in the display menu and make sure that everything is set correctly. It may also help to adjust the resolution on your Proscan TV if possible. This can be found under “video” or “picture” in the main menu depending on the model. If adjusting these settings doesn’t work, then it could be an issue with a faulty cable connection or an outdated firmware version for your device. In this case, try connecting another HDMI cable or updating your Proscan TV’s software before trying anything else.

Troubleshooting issues with aspect ratio on Proscans TVs can seem daunting but following some simple steps can often help resolve any problems quickly and easily. Make sure to go through all of your options step by step until you find what works best for you so that you can get back to watching shows without any hassles!


It’s clear that understanding aspect ratio and adjusting it on a Proscan TV can be confusing. But with the right knowledge, you can make sure your TV is displaying content correctly. You should now have all the information needed to adjust the aspect ratio settings on your Proscan TV, as well as some troubleshooting tips in case of any difficulties.

If you’re still having difficulty making these adjustments, don’t worry – contact customer support for help! They’ll be able to provide more detailed instructions specific to your model and walk you through each step until you’ve successfully adjusted the aspect ratio.

Overall, changing the aspect ratio on a Proscan TV isn’t too difficult once I understood how it works. With this knowledge, I’m confident that if I ever need to adjust my TV’s settings again, I’ll know exactly what to do.

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